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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Exercises Done On The Delta

Exercises done on the delta for 3-4 sets of 7-9 repetitions - Side lifts dumbbells can replace the front (alternately). Wheel upgrades are focused on the front and medium beam deltas, shell weight also small, but the original stand – standing but if the side upgrades performed to a level just above the shoulders, the front - to full lifting dumbbells overhead.

It completes our list of thrust to the chin - Submission to the front beam deltas and trapezius muscles of the back. During the rise of the lift shoulders maximum upward grip - narrow (about 10 cm between the brushes). It is important to maintain the position of the body, without rejecting it back. Trajectory of the neck passes near the trunk.

Stretch before exercise - During the stretch they held different positions for 20-30 seconds, while trying to engage all muscle groups. Special studies of the University of Massachusetts Sports Medicine found that the static is really very effective, but when it comes to pre-workout time it loses all its positive aspects, as temporarily reduces power characteristics by 15-20% Thus, bodybuilders have come to dynamic stretches.

It is in truth can improve performance subsequent workout. Another thing is that for a workout are very serious, and the vast majority of people. As for the technique, it does not have a specific goal; you simply need a huge amount of muscle.

Delta requires large amounts of high-intensity training

Visual Impact Muscle Building Scam - The best exercises for weight deltoid presses are different types: bench dumbbell standing, sitting on a slant board; bench press behind the neck and on the chest; lateral and frontal raises dumbbell sitting and standing; thrust rod to the chin (high thrust).

Delta also work in the bench press (front beam), while working with weights. The best exercise is dumbbell bench press up from the shoulders. It is important not to reject the body back, and at the approach to the top dead center is tilted to the brush head (little finger is just above the thumb). Larry Scott is considered the most effective exercise for the development of deltas.

Work all beams. Bench press because of the head can be done standing or sitting. Exercise practiced in contact sports, including boxing (it is believed that an athlete capable squeeze so your weight sitting, without legs and body, puncher). Mode because of the head is oriented to the rear beam deltas. Use a wide grip.

In the early stages is better to do the exercise standing up, but try not to help themselves body and legs. Speed ​​of the lift - maximum. Completes the "big three" exercises on the delta side dumbbell lifts. It can be performed standing, but sitting better. Dumbbell weight should be small enough to avoid the temptation to "throw" his back.

The calf is the most sophisticated in training the muscles

Back (lats) - On the beach or in the water park locker room there is nothing that distinguishes a bodybuilder as a broad back and detailed latissimus dorsi. Beginners and those who visit the gym just for themselves, rarely pay enough attention to the back, but the real bodybuilder always remembers it.

Forearms - they are much more likely to find themselves on the biceps mind: simply roll up your sleeves shirt or dress shirt with short sleeves. Brachioradialis muscle is dry, hard treatable. A good bodybuilder they beads, embossed, with prominent veins.

The calf is the most sophisticated in training the muscles of the body. Arnold Schwarzenegger himself performs this workout with their study. Only a professional can be raised large calves. Amateur never be hung up on their training - on and "will fall.

How to build shoulders - Shoulders formed deltoids, which secrete front, middle (side) and rear beam (head). Shoulder muscles involved in the work, when there is a rise hands above shoulder level. Middle and front beam are responsible for lifting the hands up and down, back and middle - up and back. Head do not work in isolation. But there are exercises with emphasis on one or the other beam. Some athletes even skewed in the development of deltas toward the front of the beam, which, coupled with thoracic and weak back muscles creates a very grotesque figure.

What Distinguishes This Bodybuilder

It is most efficient to perform 6-8 repetitions, as the range allows you to work with a maximum operating weight without compromising technique. Performing such "explosive" training, you provide yourself with a huge amount of positive stress. By the end of training your biceps will have agonizing pain pleasant. All this will eventually turn into a cascade of anabolic processes that will make your biceps grow out workout.

What distinguishes this bodybuilder - Bodybuilding competition judge lowered his eyes from his shoulders to the waist, thighs and calves athlete. The judge evaluates a set of parameters, simple people - less sophisticated in considering muscular male figures - try only for some parts of the body, saying: "Yes, he bodybuilder" or "no, he's a parody of bodybuilding."

First, it is - the width of the shoulders and the proportionality of the development of individual beams deltoids. Broad shoulders immediately determine amateur bodybuilding. "Snowdrop" can go to the gym, but only a bodybuilder is willing to spend time on the development of deltas.

And the only real bodybuilder understands that the rear beam deltas are no less important than the front. Second, the neck - it usually does not pay any attention, but the neck - one of the few parts of the body, which is always visible, even in winter. Powerful-designed neck warns your buddy about your hobby. He, of course, you may be confused with a fighter, but in general, it's not so bad.

The Manner Of Workout Execution

Once burdening return to the starting position, start the movement with your other hand. This manner of execution allows maximum stretch biceps one hand, while the other performs flexion. This leads to an ample flow of blood, which contains a variety of nutrients and hormones. But Arnold Schwarzenegger practiced slightly different mode of performance. Lifting a dumbbell in one hand, he held the peak reduction to completion of a similar bending the other hand. Only then he straightens first working hand. At the same time, the other arm biceps just remained in a state of peak voltage.

Curls "hammer" - This exercise is also known as the "Hammer". Despite the fact that we are doing corny flexing hands here most of the load has been taken over the shoulder (brahialis) and brachioradialis muscle (forearm). In the starting position stand up straight, feet shoulder width separately basin. Hold dumbbells at your thighs. SHOOTS thus should be neutral - palms facing each other, through your torso. Without changing the grip, bend one arm at the elbow, raising the level of burdening your shoulder. Make peak contraction and slowly return working projectile down. Once the arm is fully straighten, start a similar movement heteronymic limb. In this exercise plays a key role working weight, it must be great, but you must comply with the proper technique.