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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Exercises Done On The Delta

Exercises done on the delta for 3-4 sets of 7-9 repetitions - Side lifts dumbbells can replace the front (alternately). Wheel upgrades are focused on the front and medium beam deltas, shell weight also small, but the original stand – standing but if the side upgrades performed to a level just above the shoulders, the front - to full lifting dumbbells overhead.

It completes our list of thrust to the chin - Submission to the front beam deltas and trapezius muscles of the back. During the rise of the lift shoulders maximum upward grip - narrow (about 10 cm between the brushes). It is important to maintain the position of the body, without rejecting it back. Trajectory of the neck passes near the trunk.

Stretch before exercise - During the stretch they held different positions for 20-30 seconds, while trying to engage all muscle groups. Special studies of the University of Massachusetts Sports Medicine found that the static is really very effective, but when it comes to pre-workout time it loses all its positive aspects, as temporarily reduces power characteristics by 15-20% Thus, bodybuilders have come to dynamic stretches.

It is in truth can improve performance subsequent workout. Another thing is that for a workout are very serious, and the vast majority of people. As for the technique, it does not have a specific goal; you simply need a huge amount of muscle.

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