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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Delta requires large amounts of high-intensity training

Visual Impact Muscle Building Scam - The best exercises for weight deltoid presses are different types: bench dumbbell standing, sitting on a slant board; bench press behind the neck and on the chest; lateral and frontal raises dumbbell sitting and standing; thrust rod to the chin (high thrust).

Delta also work in the bench press (front beam), while working with weights. The best exercise is dumbbell bench press up from the shoulders. It is important not to reject the body back, and at the approach to the top dead center is tilted to the brush head (little finger is just above the thumb). Larry Scott is considered the most effective exercise for the development of deltas.

Work all beams. Bench press because of the head can be done standing or sitting. Exercise practiced in contact sports, including boxing (it is believed that an athlete capable squeeze so your weight sitting, without legs and body, puncher). Mode because of the head is oriented to the rear beam deltas. Use a wide grip.

In the early stages is better to do the exercise standing up, but try not to help themselves body and legs. Speed ​​of the lift - maximum. Completes the "big three" exercises on the delta side dumbbell lifts. It can be performed standing, but sitting better. Dumbbell weight should be small enough to avoid the temptation to "throw" his back.

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